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50+ Skateboarding Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

50+ Skateboarding Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

The way we consume skateboard media has changed. As disturbing as it is to see people’s attention spans shrinking and the slow imminent death of the full-length skate video. Instagram has given us a ton of amazing free skateboarding content. We tried to choose avoid pro skaters because everyone already follows who they like. This list is a bunch of interesting skateboarding related Instagram accounts from artists, filmers, photographers, skateboard comedy, creatives & more.

Below we give you our top 50 favorite skateboarding Instagram accounts in no particular order.
Feel free to comment with your favorite Instagram accounts in the comment section below, we will be updating and growing this list in the future!


  1. @adrianmartinus
    These two brothers from Calgary make by far the most beautiful tables out of recycled skateboards we’ve ever seen. These guys make stuff from axes and oars to bowls and cutting boards. They also made an insane Adidas table for the Adidas Flagship store in Los Angeles (see below).

  2. @artofoto
    One of the all-time great skateboarders seamlessly transitioned into an amazing photographer. Some really amazing skate photography as well as a bunch of amazing lifestyle and travel shots.

  3. @benchadourne
    The man behind Cons “Purple” video and creator of lots of amazing shorts. One of the best accounts for actual skate footage, he always has lots of clips of Cons, Polar and Blobbys riders.

  4. @blabacphoto 
    Mike Blabac’s Instagram is loaded with East Coast 90’s content and photos from a very nostalgic era in skateboarding for a lot of people. It’s a really cool inside look at the skate world of the 90’s and early 2000’s, with a nice sprinkling of current day skate stuff as well.

  5. @blondey
    London based skater, designer, model, not really sure what to call him. He is definitely polarizing, but he’s a character and skateboarding needs more of those. Only a small amount of his posts are skating, but he has lots of art and modeling stuff that is really interesting.

  6. @brothermerle
    This is Montreal based skateboarder and artist Gab Lalande. He’s been gaining a ton of attention lately, doing a Bones wheels and Foundation Skateboards series in the last 6 months. Lots of hilarious skateboard related drawings.

  7. @canadaskateboard
    The Canadian Skateboard federation, follow these guys to keep up to date on everything connected to Olympic skateboarding in Canada. Canada Skateboard is also involved in a bunch of other grassroots skateboarding initiatives and anything related to growing skateboarding in Canada.

  8. @colonialismskateboards
    Owner Mike Langan is a talented skateboarder and uses his brand to bring awareness to indigenous issues. Colonialism has partnered with big names like Kent Monkman and Thomas King to gain international attention. The art on these boards is second to none, it’s no wonder it’s been hung in art galleries and museums all across Canada.

  9. @dimemtl
    The most iconic crew in skateboarding, we really can’t think of anyone who exemplifies skateboarding more than Dime…

  10. @draplin
    You might not know him by name, but you’ll recognize his work. The graphic designer who brought you some of skateboarding and snowboarding’s most iconic logos and designs. He’s done work for Nike SB, Dinasaur Jr, Patagonia, Bernie Sanders & lots more. We’re proud to have some of his work hanging in the shop.
  11. @fartrock
    A Calgary based illustrator who’s obsession for the VX has brought him world recognition. If you love the VX1000 and puns, this will be your new favorite Instagram.

  12. @g_rayphotos
    A great photographer we stumbled upon on a skate trip to Oregon. He has an amazing collection of photos from Portland and all over the Pacific Northwest.
  1. @atibaphoto
    A skate photographer that has transcended skateboarding into the sports stars, musicians and actors. He never forgets where he came from and is always posting lots of amazing skate pics.

  2. @girlshred
    The girls are taking over and this Instagram posts some of the best of the best.
  1. @haroshi
    The original recycled skateboard artist, who makes some really insane and high ticket art pieces. Haroshi's done work for many of skateboarding's biggest brands from Nike SB and Huf to The Berrics.

    Haroshi Artwork Nike SB Dunks Recycled Skateboards Haroshi Skull Artwork Recycled Skateboards Haroshi Dog Artwork Recycled Skateboards

  2. @henryjones
    Steve Jobs always said “it’s easy to make something complex, making it simple is hard” and Henry Jones is a constant reminder of that. Henry Jones can translate everything someone feels about skateboarding in one simple little sketch, it’s not as easy as he makes it look.
    Henry Jones Skateboarding Artwork Henry Jones Artwork Skateboard on Roof Of Car Roadtrip Gay Straight Black White We Are All Skateboarders Henry Jones Art

  3. @jacobovgren
    He went away for a little while, but now he’s back! Jacob draws the iconic cartoon graphics Polar is famous for. There’s something amazingly nostalgic about how his art looks on a skateboard and we love it. His cartoons are always a funny look on culture, politics and life.

  4. @marcmkee
    One of the world’s most iconic skateboard artists. The man behind World Industries’ skateboard industry domination in the 90’s and early 2000’s. He’s also the creator of graphics such as the Mike V Barn Yard, Censorship Is Weak As Fuck, Devil Worship & many more.
    Marc McKee Skateboard Artwork Retro World Industries Marc McKee Artwork Marc McKee Steve Rocco 3 World Industries artwork

  5. @kooksmag
    Montreal based photo magazine that is based around the Dime Mtl crew. The photos are fantastic and any coverage of the Dime guys is always extremely entertaining.

  6. @jimthiebaud
    Everyone’s favorite businessman. Ex-pro and the man behind Deluxe Distribution (Anti Hero, Krooked, Thunder, Spitfire), Jim T’s name always comes up with a kind words associated with it. He seems to be the most loved man in the skateboarding industry, which is hard when you see how clicky it is. He also is getting credited for saving half the current skateboard industries careers if you watch the Nine Club every week.

  7. @mehringsbearings
    He shoots a lot of the best skateboarders out right now and also has some of the best lifestyle skate photos ever shot, see the photo of Jed Anderson dodging a security guard as an example. Also, his book "Skate The World" is a must have for every skateboarders coffee table.

    Tyshawn Jones Adidas Skateboarding In NYC Arto Saari Skateboarding New Balance Shoes Jed Anderson Security Guard Photo New York City NYB Jonathan Mehring

  8. @memoryscreen
    Drenched in nostalgia, these guys are amazing at finding old skateboard clips that you didn’t even know you’d been missing. One of, if not the best skateboarding accounts on Instagram.

  9. @mikesinclair
    Always funny, always entertaining, Mike Sinclair is always on the road as the Nike SB and Tum Yeto team manager. He posts lots of great pictures from trips with some of the best skaters in the world.

  10. @monsterchildren
    It’s hard not to love them when their logo features classic Evan Hecox typography. Australian based skate, surf, lifestyle magazine that has really solid skate content and photography.

    Full pipe skateboarding Canada Brad Cromer Skateboarding NYC Girl Swimming Bikini Babes Monster Children

  11. @nieratko
    He’s definitely polarizing, but we're fans! One of the original Big Brother writers, skateshop owner and many things in between, he has an opinion on most things going on in the skateboard world.
  1. @porous_walker
    He's done art for tons of skate brands from Lakai to Anti Hero. His art is guaranteed to make you chuckle when it pops up in your feed.

    Porous Walker Artwork I hope its a playstation Porous Walker Skateboarder Artwork Porous Walker Fuck You Dispenser

  2. @powerfulryanmcguigan
    The Instagram account of the world’s most underrated skateboard filmer. Ryan McG is responsible for bringing you the masterpieces Supper’s Ready, Video X, Modern Love & more. Looking back, he has always been way ahead of the curve on what’s entertaining in skateboard movies, and if you’ve watched his new video “Gang Green” you know he still does it better than anyone.

  3. @ripzinger
    International man of mystery, and probably the real most interesting man on earth. This man captured the skate world’s heart in “Super Champion Funzone” and has been traveling the world on skate, snow and surf trips ever since.

  4. @russellhoughten
    One of the best skate filmers to ever do it. He won the Berrics Red Cam contest with "Urban Isolation" and has create a slew of other amazingly artistic skate shorts over the years.

  5. @ryanallan
    Canadian skate photographer who went down and made it in the states. He works with Leica and has shot a lot of amazing portraits and skate photography over the years with guys like Arto, Dylan, Austyn, Janoski & more.
  1. @ryanlebel
    Another amazing Canadian skate photographer. Loads of amazing skate and lifestyle shots form the Eastern side of Canada.

  2. @coulson
    Skate nerd art at its finest. Poppy colorful prints of the world's most stylish skateboarders.

    Coulson Art Jamie Thomas Leap Of Faith Bobby Pulio Skateboarding Coulson Artwork NYC Twin Towers Nike SB Adidas Vans Shoes Steve Brandi Skateboarding Theories Of Atlantis Josh Stewart New York Skateboarding Ryan Coulson Artwork Nike Sb Vans Shoes
  1. @scubasteve
    Filmed turned TM currently working for Nike. Scuba has always seemed like an extremely likeable guy and his Instagram is a cool look behind the scenes on lots of Nike SB team stuff.

  2. @seancliver
    One of skateboarding's most iconic artists. From Powell Peralta, World Industries, Toy Machine, Dogtown and many more, chances are you've ridden a piece of his artwork over the years. He's currently still producing art for skateboards and owns his own brand "Strangelove Skateboards".

  3. @skate_savant
    This is an app that loads all the skate spots in cities onto a map that you can download onto your maps app. You can download different city packs and when you're traveling and it works really well. We tested it out in New York and was really impressed.
  1. @thegoodneighbours
    An amazing assortment of Canadian skate content form the past and present. The Good Neighbours does a really amazing job of giving content from everything from little local videos to big brand videos.

  2. @thenutdailynews
    There are a lot of truly terrible skateboarding meme accounts… this is not one of them. Some really clever memes and funny skateboarding content.

  3. @tinderskatespots
    A hilarious collection of Tinder profile photos in front of some of the world’s most iconic skate spots.

    Tinder Skatespots Nike SB Vans ShoesCanada Tinder Skatespots Vans Shoes Nike SB New Balance Skate shoes Tinder Skateboard Spots Girls Sexy Nike SB Vans Shoes Adidas Skateboarding
  1. @toddfrancisart
    Another iconic skate artist still doing tons of great stuff. The man behind the Anti Hero pigeon and many other historic skate graphics.

  2. @villagepsychic
    A mixture of old and new skate content that is always poking fun at the right things.

  3. @skateboardcollectors
    They guys re-post retro skateboards and deck collections. Cool to see lots of classics or total skate nerds with insane collecitons.
    Vintage Blind Skateboards    

  4. @williamstrobeck
    Currently my favorite filmer and editor out. His Instagram is always pumping out amazing skate stuff from all the Supreme riders and his crew of friends.

  1. @wires_crossed
    Ed Templeton’s private photo bank of old skateboard trip photos. Lots of really great 35mm shots from tours in the late 90's and early 2000's. Apparently he will be releasing a Wires Crossed book soon too.

  2. @v_i_n_t_a_g_e_s_k_a_t_e
    If you’re old, this account is a trip down memory lane. If you’re young, you will learn a lot.

    Paul Rodruiguez Skateboarding Nike SB Primitive Skateboards Rick Howard Skateboarding Girl Skateboards DC Shoes Lakai Footwear Brian Wenning Skateboarding DC Shoes Alien Workshop Online Canada

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