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Altamont Apparel X Daniel Johnston Collaboration

Altamont Apparel X Daniel Johnston Collaboration

I've been a fan of Daniel Johnston's work for a long time now and it's cool to see it gaining popularity. His drawings seem to be popping up all over the place. Most recently he's done a collab with Supreme on some collections. So I was really excited to see him come together with one of my favorite clothing companies for a solid limited release of t-shirts. All the tees feature the "Hi How are you" artwork on the breast and art by Daniel Johnston on the back. See the shirts below, as well as a trailer for his documentary (that is amazing) and two of my favorite songs by him.


Altamont x Daniel Johnston logo

"Cult musician Daniel Johnston is as prolific as he is sincere; The singer-songwriter has spent the last 20 years tirelessly writing and recording his own brand of heartstring-tugging songs about love lost and life's unending parade of anguish and joy. The anti-folk hero who gained widespread popularity in the early 90's has been touted by musicians like Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo, and most famously by Kurt Cobain, who often wore a Daniel Johnston t-shirt featuring a drawing by the artist himself. Johnston is also a devoted illustrator whose work has been shown in galleries worldwide. All of his work reflects his own lifelong struggle with manic depression, but it also speaks to anyone who has experienced a poignant pain." -Altamont

Altamont x Daniel Johnston white

Altamont x Daniel Johnston black

Altamont x Daniel Johnston t-shirt


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