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Anon M2 Goggles Review

Anon M2 Goggles Review

With our reviews we are taking a more in depth look at some of our favorite products. In my opinion these are some of the best snowboard goggles out right now. The Anon M2 Goggles are famous for being the Magnetic lens change goggles, but they have a ton more to them than that. Check out all the features below and click the video to see it all in our “Under 90 Seconds” feature.

This year the Anon M2 has been our fastest selling snowboard goggles, here’s why:

FRAME: The frame is constructed of a lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane material. This stuff is super lightweight, flexible and really durable. These frames are also 40% thinner than past years, making the goggles sit really close to your face which gives you a bigger field of vision in your peripherals. The frame also features triple density foam, which is 3 different layers of foam that are all different densities. The foam closest to your face is moisture wicking and super soft because it’s going up against your skin, the next layer is slightly thicker and then the 3rd layer that is attached to the frame is the thickest and stiffest of the 3 for structure and to hold the goggle in place.

VENTING: The Anon M2 frame is also built with a full 360 venting system. This is rad because lots of goggles on have venting on the top or a small section of the goggle, where as the M2 has vents the whole way around. This is great because if you slam and the top vent is covered in snow, the air can still vent through the sides and bottom of your goggle, making them less likely to fog up.

MAGNA-TECH: This is Anon’s famous quick lens change system, and what I think is the best quick lens change system on the market today. Between the frame and lenses there are 16 rare earth magnets at 6 points holding these lenses in places. It means the lenses are held super firmly in place and you don’t have to worry about them falling off when you take a slam. Then if the lighting changes all you need to do is pull them away from your goggle and drop a new lens on (check our video to see how easy it is!).

BONUS LENS: Every pair of the Anon M2 Goggles comes with a free bonus lens. This is one of the most popular features of the whole goggle. Each pair comes with a high light lens and a low light lens so you are always set no matter what the conditions, and if the conditions change half way through the day it isn’t a struggle to pull your goggle apart and change the lenses. Below is a pic of a bunch of different Anon Lenses and the light transmission on each one.

LENS: Both lenses feature Anon’s Spherical Lens Technology, this is where they curve the lens at a similar angle to the curvature of your eye which gives a clear field of vision and less light distortion coming through the lens. The lens also has ICT (Integral Clarity Technology) anti-for treatment to make sure your goggles stay clear no matter what the conditions are like out there.

STRAP: These have 3 silicone lines on the strap that helps them grip your helmet or beanie and stay in place while riding because there’s nothing more annoying than your goggles sliding around while you ride.

CASE: The M2’s also come with a free hard case and soft case. The hard case is a great place to store your goggles after riding and they wont get squished or damaged in a backpack, where as the soft case is a microfiber and is great to throw in your jacket while you are riding and can be used to wipe off water or smudges on the lens without scratching it or peeling off the finish.

FACEMASK: All Anon M2’s are also compatible with MFI facemasks (not included) which is a magnetic facemask that clips onto the bottom of the goggles (can be seen in the video).

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