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Burton Step On Bindings

Burton Step On Bindings

Above: Burton's chief binding designer and tester Chris Doyle showing off his new masterpiece the "Step On" bindings.

Yesterday Burton Snowboards announced that they have been working on a new step in binding system for the last three and a half years.  It came as a shocker to a lot of people because the Step In binding system is something that has been dead for over a decade and has been thought as faux pas for a long time. Most people have accepted straps as the only option and forgotten all about the days when step in bindings were even a thing. I think it's smart that they are renaming their bindings "Step Ons" instead of the taboo "Step In" bindings of the past. I have to admit, I was kind of excited to see these new bindings and hear that people were trying new things. 

Burton Step In Bindings Canada Online
Here's a pic from Transworld of them testing a pair of Burton Step Ons.

Burton Step In Bindings
They are a boot & binding combo (like all step in bindings) but they definitely have a whole new approach the step ins.

How they work: The bindings have three attachment points. One on the back of the heel and two on their side of your toes at the front of the bindings. This is a big deal because the main problem with the Step In bindings of the past was that they clipped in on the sole of the boot and bottom of the bindings and would constantly pack with snow and ice, making them impossible to put on. 

Burton Step On Women's Bindings
The Burton Women's Step On Bindings.

The Reviews: I obviously was pretty skeptical on these after seeing every other step in binding system over the years. Dave Downing, Ken Achenbach, Jesse Fox, Alex Andrews & the man Terje Haakonsen have all given the bindings really amazing feedback. This list is all people who's opinions I would trust on snowboard products any day of the week. Even the Transworld review on the bindings (which seemed a little biased), the guy doing that review had no complaints on the security and how locked in the bindings felt. Overall, I feel like when I heard step in bindings were back I laughed and rolled my eyes, now after checking stuff out, Burton has definitely peeked my interest and I'm looking forward to testing out a pair and seeing how they ride.

Here is Burton's unreleased little preview video for the Step On Bindings:

Tell us what you think! I'd love to hear people's comments and what they think of the Step On system below! We are just about to place all our winter 2018 orders and hearing people's thoughts would definitely help me gage how many (if any) of these to bring in.

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