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Everything You Need To Know About Skateboard Trucks & Sizing (Updated 2023)

Everything You Need To Know About Skateboard Trucks & Sizing (Updated 2023)

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Skateboard Trucks
The most important things to keep in mind when getting new trucks are trucks sizing, height and brands. We'll talk about all three of these below as well as our 5 most popular skate trucks brands; Independent, Thunder, Venture, Ace & Krux. Take not of the Skateboard Truck Sizing poster below, it shows everything you need to know about what size of skateboard trucks you should buy.

This video shows you a lot of the basics and we will go over that lower down in the article.

 Skateboard Trucks Sizing:

This is a great chart that shows all the different sizes of skateboard trucks every brand makes. This chart is updated in mid 2019, so it has all the new truck sizes on it as well (new Venture 6.1, Independent 144 & Thunder 148 trucks).

Skateboard Truck Sizing

The sizes attached to skateboard trucks measure the width of the trucks. This Skateboard Truck Sizing chart shows the width of each truck you'd need for the size of your board. For example, if you're wondering "What size of trucks are good of an 8.25inch Deck?"
Scroll down and you can see for a 8.25" deck -
You can see for an 8.25" in deck you would get: Independent 144, Thunder 148, Venture 5.2 or 5.8, Ace 33 or 44, and Krux 8.25.

Parts Of A Skateboard Truck:
When you're reading about skateboard stuff it's important to know what the different parts of a truck are. This image breaks down all the different parts of a skateboard truck.

Parts Of A Skateboard Truck - Hanger, Kingpin, Pivot Cut, bushings, axle nuts, baseplate

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