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Finn Westbury

Finn Westbury

Finn Westbury

Age: 20

Current setup: Salomon 155 Huck Knife board, Salomon Districts Bindings (+9 , -9) and some Salomon Synapse boots.

Sponsors: Salomon, Quiksilver, Howl, Ashbury, Beaver Wax, Remind Insoles, Shredz Shop

Finn Westbury Snowboarding

Most Embarrassing moment: Too many embarrassing moments to count.

Favorite pro growing up: Chris Grenier. He always had the sickest parts. He was made to snowboard to rap music, his Bon Voyage part to Young Buck was all-time.

First video growing up: Forum’s “That”

Favorite video of all time: Incredibly tough question… depends on the day. I really liked Deja Vu. Encore backed it up in an amazing way as well. Some great videos. Canadian boarding too, which is something I back.

Most trouble you got into growing up: Other then a couple trips to the principals office, I kept it pretty lowkey…

Last song you listened to: new Kodak Black song “There He Go”

Last Movie: Snowboarding: Dreams II Reality Not Snowboarding: Random kung fu movie

Dream Non-Snow Sponsor: Toyota or an aloe water brand

Dream Vacation: Japan maybe? Or some baller all inclusive tropical resort with a bunch of friends.

Food Of Choice For Your Last Supper: Thanksgiving dinner cooked by my mom.

Finn Westbury Switch Backlip
Finn Westbury Switch Backlip a double kink at Mt.Hood from the Howl Gloves site Photo: Darrell Mathes

The Most Grom Thing You’ve Ever Done: I remember being a teenager at High Cascade and it was the last day when all the campers and staff are in the lodge. I think it was Mikkel Bang or some other Burton pro and I gave him a high five. Right as I make a joke to one of my friends about never washing my hand, the whole room goes weirdly silent and everyone hears. Mikkel thought it was hilarious and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

Worst (drunken) purchase: Food that I didn’t actually want to eat

Punch one person in the world in the face: whoever smashed in the window of my car a couple months ago

Time you thought you were going to die: COP jumps after freezing rain

Website you check everyday: Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram

Give thanks to: Too many people to name. All the boarders who are out getting it, I think snowboarding is in a good place right now. My family, all the wonderful people and brands who support my snowboarding and anyone who has ever helped me out in the past.



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