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Girl Skateboards X Colonialism

Girl Skateboards X Colonialism

Girl Skateboards X Colonialism
Sometimes the stars align and amazing things and people come together to do cool things! These boards are one of those things... Girl skateboards partners with Colonialism skateboarding on two pro models for Rick McCrank and Breana Geering. 
Mike Langan is a talented skater from Treaty 4 territory who founded Colonialism to educate people on Indigenous culture through skateboarding. A portion of the proceeds from this collection goes to Nations Skate Youth non-profit in Vancouver.

About Nations Skate Youth:
Nations is a crew of professional skateboarders brought together with a mission to empower Indigenous youth through skateboarding. They have toured all over doing skateboarding workshops and already accomplished some amazing work.
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Mike Langan Fs noseslide
Mike Langan F/S Noseslide photo by Noel Wendt

From Colonialism:
Colonialism is a skateboard company based out of Regina, Saskatchewan in Treaty 4 (1874) territory. Our primary objective is to educate the public on elements of the history and culture of Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) in Canada through our love for skateboarding.

The Colonialism x Girl Skateboards collaboration celebrates and supports Indigenous families and youth while drawing attention to the legacy of colonialism in undermining and upending Indigenous family and culture. Indigenous understandings of family are strongly rooted in traditional ways of knowing and being. Many Indigenous peoples recognize family as including not only parents and siblings, but also ancestors and extended family, Elders, and members of the wider community. The phrase ‘all my relations’ captures the broad way in which family is defined in Indigenous communities, as it emphasizes interconnectedness, the relationship between all people, and the unique roles that family and community play in supporting children’s sense of belonging and well-being.

In the spirit of supporting Indigenous youth, a portion of the Colonialism x Girl Skateboards collaboration will go to Nations Skate Youth – a non-profit Indigenous-led organization that inspires youth and encourages the importance of keeping culture and traditions alive while at the same time, showing Indigenous youth the capabilities of what skateboarding can bring into their lives in a positive way.
Learn More About Colonialism:

girl skateboards colonialism

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