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How To Remove & Install Skateboard Bearings

How To Remove & Install Skateboard Bearings

How To Remove & Install Skateboard Bearings

Here's some quick little tips on how to take out skateboard bearings and then once you've got your old ones out, we'll teach you how to put skateboard bearings into wheels. First you'll need a skate tool, preferably one with a bearings press on it. But if your tool doesn't have a bearing press that's no problem.

Before you start here's some basic terminology you should know.
Skateboard Bearings diagram parts of a skateboard bearing

1) Use your skate tool or 13mm wrench to remove all 4 axle nuts. Be careful when you remove the axle nuts that you don't lose any washers in the process. Store axle nuts and washers in a safe spot. 

2) Slightly pull the wheel off the axle until the end of the axle is in the middle of the wheel. Then gently pry the wheel down to twist the bearing out. As seen in the picture. Some bearings have spacers between them, if yours do, then put them aside with your axle nuts.

3)Repeat this for all wheels.

Now that you have your old bearings removed, it's time to install the new ones.

1) Put your wheels on a flat surface and place the first bearing into your wheels (make sure the bearing shields face the outside to keep out dirt and dust and retainers are facing the inside of your wheels. See bearing diagram above.). The bearing shields will keep out dust, dirt and moisture to make them last the longest possible.
Press the bearings into place with the bearing press on your tool if you have one. If not you can press them in using the axle of your trucks.

2) After you put a bearing in add a spacer to the middle if your bearings have them. Spacers stop damage from jarring when skateboarding. Then add a bearing to the other side of the wheel.

3) Put the wheels onto your trucks in this order (see pic) washer --> wheel --> washer --> axle bolt. These little washers stop friction between your truck hanger or axle bolt and the bearings.

4) Tighten axle bolts all the way, then turn them back around a half turn. The wheel should have a very slight amount of play and spin freely. Repeat this on all 4 wheel bolts.

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