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Independent Stage 4 Trucks

Independent Stage 4 Trucks

We're excited to announce that we are one of the select skateboard shops that have the new Independent stage 4 trucks. We got a set early and we took them for a quick test run and made a little video talking about the key features of these trucks. 

So it's been a crazy last couple years for the trucks market. After years of nothing really changing, during the pandemic there was a global truck shortage and then we had a surge of new brands, new models and the return of old brands with old models. And although many of these newer inventions didn't work out, it's cool to see truck companies trying new things and thinking outside of the box. 

If you've been paying attention over the last couple years you might have noticed some Indy team riders riding a new and interesting truck, something that looks like a 215 but a little different. Chico Brenes has been riding these things for a couple of years, along with a few other team riders. These Independent Stage 4 trucks are almost 3 years in the making, and were actually brought into the design process around the same time they let out the Independent Mid Trucks. 

It's no secret that Independent trucks are the most ripped off truck brand of all time, with loads of brands taking inspiration from their truck designs or purely ripping them off. We once had a brand reach out to us saying that their trucks were an exact rip off of Independent Stage 11 trucks but made with lighter materials. And of course recently we've seen Ace & Slappy drawn some inspiration from the Indy Stage 3 trucks.

NHS are Santa Cruz are famous for having one of the best re-issue programs and bringing band highly sought after products to the market, and only this time it's an Independent truck that comes back from the dead. 
The Independent stage 4 trucks originally released to the world in 1986. The first ad for these trucks features Billy Ruff holding a pair and came out in the March 1986 Thrasher Magazine. At the time progression in the truck market was happening fast, and it by October 1986 the Independent Stage 5 trucks were already released onto the market. It's interesting to note that the Indy stage 5 featured an all new turning geometry that would change how Indy trucks tuned forever, Independent stage 5 to stage 11 all use the same turning geometry. So the Indy stage 3 (where ACE trucks get their inspiration) and the Stage 4, use the same earlier geometry. 
What is different about the Independent Stage 4 Trucks?
Independent has talked for some time about re-releasing a single wing skateboard trucks, something much different than the double wing hangers. The responsiveness and turning of a single wing skateboard truck is much more responsive than a double wing hanger. 
What's the different between Independent Stage 11 trucks and Independent Stage 4 Trucks?
The Independent Stage 11 trucks are the current industry leader and top selling skateboard trucks worldwide. The stage 11's have been on the market for over 10 years now, making them the longest running truck that Independent has ever produced (usually a new stage comes out every few years with improvements). 
The Independent Stage 11 truck is known for it's wide and controlled turns, kind of like the Cadillac of skateboard trucks. This is the big difference with the Indy stage 4 trucks, they turn incredibly sharp and are extremely responsive. I guess to continue with the car analogy these would be your Formula 1 race car. So you can choose between slow and steady turn or very sharp and responsive.
Are these identical to the original Independent Stage 4 Trucks?
Yes, these are identical to how the stage 4 was produced in the 80's the only slight differences are they are made with modern manufacturing methods (stronger metals and materials), and they all feature a 6 hole baseplate pattern (the original stage 4 Indys have a 4 hole baseplate). 
Do these work with parts from current Independent Trucks?
No, these are fully redesigned baseplates and bushings. So the bushings and baseplates from Stage 4's are not designed to fit onto stage 11 trucks. So when purchasing bushings for these trucks you need to get Stage 4 specific bushings, they will be making 3 durometers to start (see video). 
What sizes do the Independent Stage 4 come in?
The stage 4's come in 4 different sizes and they are different than the sizing on any other the current stage 11 trucks on the market.  
Current sizing is: 136 (8.0), 146 (8.375), 151 (8.625), 166 (9.0)
It's interesting to note that the 151 were originally called the FW (fucking wide) and the 166's were called the MFW (mother fucking wide). 
Independent Stage 4 Trucks are currently only available.



  • Terry

    Where do u get the proper bushing

  • Anthony

    What can be said about the wheelbase? Will it be shorter like Aces?

  • Rich timm

    How much do each truck size weigh in grams?

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