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Introducing The Santa Cruz VX Decks

Introducing The Santa Cruz VX Decks

We're excited to bring the Santa Cruz VX Skateboard decks to Canada! We are one of a very small amount of shops who have these boards. They have been getting amazing feedback, find out why people are calling them "The best skateboard deck you will ever ride". Santa Cruz VX Decks are made of 5-plys of hard rock North American Maple that gets reinforced by two layers of patented Santa Cruz Quad X Technology material.  This construction makes the Santa Cruz VX decks both thinner and stronger than other board on the market. The Quad X Technology material also makes these boards keep their pop longer than any skateboard ever made!!

The VX boards have kind of pointier shaped nose and tail to them (similar to a Baker or Krooked board). They only come in these 3 graphics at the moment, one graphic for each size. Santa Cruz VX decks also only come in 3 sizes: 8, 8.25 & 8.5 inch.

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    hello im a big fan

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