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Is Skate 4 On The Horizon?

Is Skate 4 On The Horizon?

After EA Sports let out the popular Skate 3 video game, they announced that it would be the last in the Skate series. They said it didn't have the same traction that other sports games had like NHL, NFL & NBA. Since that time people all over the world have been pushing for them to break the silence and announce a Skate 4 game. This summer during all the election hype the Berrics started their Make EA Skate Again campaign, promoting people to hound EA for some answers. Also with the growing popularity of skateboarding I feel like Skate4 would be the most profitable skateboard video game of all time. 

EA sports Skate 4 video game

Today on twitter the senior manager at EA Sports, Daniel Lingen tweeted "#skate4" and people went nuts. The tweet has over 19k likes and almost 10k retweets. It seems like an official Skate 4 announcement is something we can look forward to in the near future! 

With all the changes in skateboarding in the last few years it seems like Skate 4 has a ton of potential to be the biggest game yet. So many new pros and brands have come out since Skate 3. It's always exciting seeing what new pros get added to the lineup and what changes get made.

What are your thoughts? What changes should they make and what pros should they add?

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