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Jacuzzi Unlimited Is HERE

Jacuzzi Unlimited Is HERE

We're excited to announce that Jacuzzi Unlimited has finally arrived in Canada! This is the first drop of Jacuzzi Unlimited ever, and we're very excited!

What is Jacuzzi Unlimited?
Jacuzzi is a brand new skate company launched by Louie Barletta after the crumbling of Enjoi Skateboards and the sale Dwindle Distribution to Bravo LLC. Learn more about the death of Enjoi in the video below. Barletta who was in charge of Enjoi when it fell apart, jumped ship and brought a bunch of his friends and team riders with him to start Jacuzzi Unlimited skateboards.
Who rides for Jacuzzi Skateboards?
The team is made up of owner Louie Barletta along with friends Caswell Berry, Jackson Pilz, Michael Pulizzi, John Dilo and Ams Tony Latham, Gus Bus, Daniel Dubois.
Where are Jacuzzi Unlimited Boards Made?
All Jacuzzi boards going to be made at the DSM factory, and all individually pressed.


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