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Levi Switzer

Levi Switzer

Levi Switzer

Age: 27

Current Setup: Olive deck 8.6", Fourwheelco 56mm wheels, Independent 159's trucks, Andale Daewon Bearings, Indy Combi Hardware, Mob Grip

Sponsors: Shredz Shop, Olive Skateboards, Fourwheelco, Saxx Underwear, Filtrate Eyewear, Remind Insoles, Andale Bearings, Arts vs Crafts

Most Embarrassing Moment: One time I pooped my pants on a first date with a hottest chick in our high school... the relationship ended a week later.

Favorite Pro Growing Up: Jamie Thomas

First Video Growing Up: Zero "Dying to Live"

Favorite Video Of All Time: The Flip Sorry series

 Levi Switzer Skateboarding 5-0 Secret 8

Most Trouble You Got Into Growing Up: My mom told me that when all her kids were young she thought "if any of my sons go to jail, it'll probably be Levi"... Thanks mom haha. I never did, luckily. I never really got into too much trouble for the stuff I did, one time I got a ticket for sledding behind my baby sitters civic on a snow day. One time I got arrested for jumping the fence and skating the Sylvan Lake waterslides.

Last Song You Listened To: The Oil, The Fire by Sean Feucht feat William Matthews

Last Movie You Watched: Lawless

Dream Non-Skate Sponsor: CIR Realty, Free Houses!

Dream Vacation: Motorcycle Japan top to bottom then hit South Korea and NZ

What Would You Eat For Your Last Supper: Sushi. Sushi. Sushi.

Most Grom Thing You've Ever Done: I used to have flameboy grip tape and I would scrub it with gallons of soap and water every week to keep it clean... That deck had pop! Psych!

Wost Purchase: I spent months drooling over the first edition Muska Sky Tops in gold and silver, when they came in I went to buy them and they were out of stock in the city, so I phoned my cousin in Regina to buy them for me... $170 and 1 week shipping later I had em' in my hands, only to be worn 10 times in the last 10 years.

Levi Switzer Front Feeble Grind Calgary Skateboarding

If You Had To Punch One Person In The World In The Face: I get pretty worked up when I see older people bullying and looking down on youth because they think they are stupid or won't amount to much, like those people have lived a perfect life. I feel the urge to sock em once or twice, I never would... but I'd like to.

Life Swap For A Day: I'd life swap with one of Jesus' 12 disciples... how insane would it be to see him and his miracles first hand. If it has to be current time, I would like to be in the shoes of a heavily socially oppressed person to be able to empathize and understand that people group once I switched back. Or.... I would switch with Bill Gates or something and give all my money to charity/to my original body's bank account to change a lot of lives.

Time You Thought You Were Going To Die: In November 2012 I got hit by a car crossing the street. When I was on the stretcher being loaded in the ambulance I asked the Paramedic if I was going to die and all she could say was "You have suffered a very severe head injury". I started balling in that moment because I was so scared I was going to die. (full story

Website You Check Everyday: Facebook

Thank you: To all who believe in me and support me.






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