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Limited Edition Krooked Decks

Limited Edition Krooked Decks

Limited Edition Krooked Decks
We just got in a couple of super rare boards from our friends at Krooked Skateboards.

First off, we have a brand new Krooked John Lucero guest board which is Mark Gonzales' take on his iconic Variflex pro model from back in the day! These are amazing and even have KrookedFlex detailing on the tail.

Krooked Flex John Lucero Guest Deck Online Canada

Secondly, we have the super rare Krooked Evil Beamer Skateboard deck. The Krooked Beamer is the board you usually see Gonz riding, and they have a cult following. The Krooked Beamers are so hard to get, usually they ship around 3 total to Canada. We got our hands on a stock of them, it's the first time we've ever seen them for sale to customers in Canada. These are all hand routered out, and have insane attention to detail.

Krooked Evil Beamer Skateboard Deck Canada

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  • erik

    do you have the beemer for sale still?

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