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Mason McConnell

Mason McConnell

Age: 22 and 11/12

Current Setup: 8.25 Bobby Worrest Krooked board, Krux trucks (galaxy print), 53mm Bones STF Wheels, Reds Bearings.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Every moment.

Favorite Pro Growing Up: Cory Kennedy

First Video Growing Up: Girl Yeah Right!

Favorite Video Of All Time: A Happy Medium 2.

Most Trouble You Got Into Growing Up: Losing a couple teeth (by accident)

Last Song You Listened To: Her Space Holiday – Death of a Writer.

Last Movie You Watched: Captain Fantastic

Dream Non-Skate Sponsor: Target

Dream Vacation: Lake Bonavista

What Would You Eat For Your Last Supper: PB & J

Most Grom Thing You've Ever Done: 720 double bigflip

Wost Purchase: A taquito

If You Had To Punch One Person In The World In The Face: Ben Affleck, because just look at him.

Life Swap For A Day: Ryan Gosling, because then girls might look at me.

Time You Thought You Were Going To Die: I seem to like falling off cliffs.

Website You Check Everyday: Neopets.

Thank you: Mom, Dad, and all the haters.




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