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Natas Blind Bag Boards

Natas Blind Bag Boards

The SMA Natas Blind Bag Skateboards From Santa Cruz
These might be the rarest boards dropping in 2021. Natas is one of the original pioneers of street skateboarding along with Mark Gonzales, he quickly became an icon the skate world with breakout parts in Streets of Fire and Wheels of Fire. 

Santa Cruz SMA Natas Kaupas Hand Painted decks limited editon collector board

Natas Blind Bag Deck matte black and gold autograph signature deck

These boards come sealed in a black plastic bag and wrapped in pink wrapping paper. There are 9 different variants and each one of these boards are limited edition.

Natas Blind Bag Deck SMA re-issue one of one 1989

Natas Blind Bag Boards

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