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Patagonia Fall 2019 Gear Is Here

Patagonia Fall 2019 Gear Is Here

We're excited to bring the Fall 2019 Patagonia Clothing to Canada! As always it looks and feels amazing, while being some of the most socially and environmentally conscious clothing on earth. We got restocked in tons of great basics like T-Shirts, Crew Necks, Hoods and Beanies. Also, lots of new colours in the women's Bivy Down Vest (our #1 most popular women's Patagonia piece) and the men's Synch Snap T Sweaters (our #1 most popular men's Patagonia piece).
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Patagonia Synch Snap T Sweater Online Canada Free Shipping

Patagonia synch snap print patagonia synch snap t sweater black forge grey canada Patagonia Synch Snap T Sweater Online Canada Canyon Print

Patagonia Responsibili-Tee Fabrics:
What is Patagonia Responsabili-Tee Fabrics? Any fabrics with the Responsibili-Tee logo on them means that they are made of 100% recycled fabrics. All Responsibili-Tee shirts are made of 100% recycled fabrics, use 4.8 old plastic bottles, 0.26 pounds of old fabrics and save 63 gallons of water (compared to a traditional cotton t-shirt). They also use Fair Trade Certified sewing (see below). These shirts are straight up amazing.

Patagonia Responsabili-Tee T-Shirts Infographic Stats Environmentally friendly clothing

Patagoni p-6 logo longsleeve Patagonia Fitz Roy Bizon Responsibili-tee Patagonia Scope responsabili-tee shirt oxide red

Patagonia Recycled Fabric Hoodies & Sweaters
A similar fabric to the Responsabili-Tee fabric is used in a bunch of their sweaters and crew necks as well. The hoodies use 95% recycled materials, 14.9 plastic bottles, 0.82 pounds of scrap cotton and save 184 gallons of water (compared to a traditional cotton hoodie). See the purple Fritz Bear logo hoodie below.

Patagonia Women's Bivy Down Vest Online Canada Best Price Free Shipping

Patagonia Womens Bivy Down Vest Online Canada banff calgary Patagonia Womens Fitz Roy Bear Hoodie Online Canada Patagonia Women's Bivy Down Best purple grey online canada

Patagonia Fair Trade Certified Sewing:
What is Patagonia Fair Trade Sewing? Any Patagonia clothing that says "Fair Trade Sewing" means that it is made in the most socially conscious factories on earth. Fair Trade Certified means that Patagonia pays a premium for everything made at that factory that goes directly into the pockets of the workers (never touches the factory owners). The workers at these factories pool the money and get to spend it on whatever they choose, from community projects, health care programs to child cares services. When you see the Patagonia Fair Trade Sewing logo you can rest easy knowing the factory workers are making a living wage in comfortable working conditions, something that should be mandatory on all clothing, but unfortunately isn't.

patagonia beanies and toques online canada free shipping

Patagonia clothing has more Fade Trade Certified products than any other clothing company. More than 42,000 workers have benefited from the Patagonia Fair Trade program to date, with thousands more being added every year.

"For Patagonia, Fair Trade is our first step on the path toward paying living wages in our supply chain. We don’t own any of the factories that make our products, so we have limited control over how much workers receive. Through Fair Trade, we can supplement workers’ wages and provide them with tangible benefits that improve their lives."

What makes a factory Fair Trade Certified?

  • Rigorous standards for health and safety
  • Respect for the environment
  • No child or forced labor
  • Maternity and paid leave
  • Community empowerment
  • Additional money back to workers

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