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Portland Skate Trip

Portland Skate Trip

 Every year we do a team trip somewhere to switch it up and break away from Calgary skateboarding. This year we planned to head down to the states and see what Portland has to offer. On July 4th, ten dudes and a dog crammed into two cars and began our trip down to Portland. We met some amazing people, skated some rad spots, ate great food and even snuck in a session at the private Nike SB skatepark. Everyone on the trip got clips, and we came back with a bunch of footage. Here’s some pictures from along the way.

Austin Hill Dirt Bomb in Portland


Portland at Night twinkle lights

crew pic Lake In Idaho

Ledge Skate Spot Portland

Portland Skateboarding DIY

shredz team downtown Portland

Inside voodoo doughnuts

Chase front smith in Portland skateboarding

Tango Cute Wes Trucks

Callum Feeble Red Rail

Idaho Beach Graffiti Wall Portland, Oregon Riley Blurry
Downtown Portland Train tracks Setting up Hammocks In Idaho Eugene Skateboarding Handrails
Steve Walking up set Steve Front Board Wes Fleming Blue Steel

Levi Switzer 50-50 Portland Skateboarding

Levi In Hammock Sandpoint, Idaho

Austin Grilled Cheese Portland


Portland Downtown Blurry Trees in Portland
trees in Oregon Mason Filming Lakes In idaho


Food Trucks in Portland
Portland Food trucks at night

 Steve Graham Front Board In Portland

Sandpoint Idaho Camping
Waves in Idaho

 Wes Fleming Backside 50-50 Portland

Austin Jensen thinking about life

Portland Day


Austin's Thetan

Powell's at night in Portland Sam & Wes at the lake Vintage Sale

Wes Fleming skateboarding

austin jensen feeble in Portland, Oregon bffs


Levi Backside Disaster in Burnside, Portland


Portland Sign Downtown

35mm Pictures:

Marcus Baptiste @marcus__baptiste

Mason McConnel @masonmcconnell

Sam Stuart @shredzshop

Skate Pictures:

Liam Glass 

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