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Powell Peralta Announces Series 11

Powell Peralta Announces Series 11

We are very excited to announce that Powell Peralta will be doing another re-issue series and we will be distributing it in Canada! You might have heard rumors flying around that the re-issue boards were done because Powell Peralta only signed contracts to do 10 releases, but it looks like they've signed on to do some more, so we bring you Series 11!

Quantities Available Worldwide:
Rodney Mullen Natural - 500 decks
Mike McGill Natural - 2000 decks
Tommy Guerrero Natural - 1000 decks
Lance Mountain Natural - 1250 decks
Tony Hawk Natural - 2500 decks
Steve Caballero Natural - 2000 decks

Each board comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. These boards all come with an old school bolt pattern that works on Independent Standard Silver Trucks Size 159, 169, 215 (no hollows).

Shop Series 11 HERE
Shop Powell Peralta HERE

All boards will be $133 CAD (Free Shipping) & Ship March 25th.

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