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Powell Peralta Flight Decks

Powell Peralta Flight Decks

The Powell Peralta Flight Decks
The Powell Peralta Flight Decks have changed the way we think about skateboard construction. These boards are thinner, stronger and still maintain longer lasting pop than a tradition skateboard deck. Over the years skateboarders have been very resistant to any new deck technology, but we've seen sales of the Flight Decks steadily increasing!

How Are Powell Peralta Flight Decks Made?
They are made of 5 thin layers of hard rock maple, infused with epoxy and reinforced with a patent fiber on the top and bottom levels. As seen in the break tests above, they can handle more than double the load of a traditional 7-ply skateboard. Having the top and bottom reinforcement also makes these boards keep their pop a lot longer than a traditional deck that starts to feel soggy after time.

Where Are Powell Peralta Decks Made?
Flight Decks and regular Powell Peralta boards are one of very few skateboard products still made in the USA. They are hand crafted in the Powell Peralta factory in Santa Barbara, California.

Shapes & Sizes:
The Flight Decks come in a bunch of different sizes and two different shapes. Each Shape/Size comes with a number so you can easily check and be sure that you're getting the exact same board every time, no matter what the graphic is. The shape chart is seen below.

Note that Powell Peralta is also doing some really cool retro shapes in Flight Decks for many of their pro riders who have switched to riding Flight Decks exclusively, such as Mike McGill and Steve Caballero. Also Andy Anderson has designed his own signature Flight Deck pro model, that is seen below along with a video of him explaining his design.
Powell Peralta Flight Deck Shapes And Sizes

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