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Powell Peralta Partners with Super 7 Originals

Powell Peralta Partners with Super 7 Originals

Powell Peralta skateboards partners with Super 7 action figures for a super limited edition release. The toys are a cool play on the fact that Powell Peralta pros in the 80's would get prototype boards sent to them with no colors and no graphics and "experimental" printed on the decks. It was a way of the riders testing new shapes without leaking new graphics ideas. 

Around this time Kenner from Super 7 was creating prototypes for Star Wars action figures, these action figures would be unpainted light blue in color to make samples. 

Powell Peralta teams up with Super 7 toys to create the first series in their (what will hopefully be ) long running partnership. So it seems fitting that this series is dubbed the "Experimental Series" toys playing on the history of samples and experiments in the history of both brands. Each figure is based off of a classic Powell Peralta graphic.

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