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Powell Peralta Series 13

Powell Peralta Series 13

Powell Peralta Series 13 Update

Hey Everyone! I wanted to make a quick little post with what we know so far. I will update this in the coming week as we get more info from Powell Canada.

Originally we got shown a catalog and told like usual we would be able to pre-book Powell Peralta Series 13 collection. This allows us to guarentee stock on the boards and sell boards we are guaranteed will come in. After trying to pre-book these boards in the USA and other countries they have had more pre-book orders than they could ever produce. Also, Powell Peralta has always limited the amounts produced (3500 Tony Hawk, 600 Rodney Mullen boards, etc...). With the amounts that shops were pre-booking in the original orders, they exceeded the amounts going to be produced.

So due to the problems with demand vs production it looks like board amounts won't be guaranteed, so we will not be pre-booking boards for Series 13. We don't think it's a good idea to sell boards we don't know 100% we will receive. 

That being said, we will be getting Powell Peralta Series 13, but they will be a very limited quantity and just go straight up on our website once we receive them.

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