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Quasi Skateboards America Series

Quasi Skateboards America Series

We're super excited to be one of the few shops to carry Quasi skateboards in Canada! They just dropped their spring collection and it's loaded with amazing graphics as usual. There are the all new Dick Rizzo pro decks and the all new Josh Wilson Pro Decks along with a slew of new graphics for Jake Johnson, Gilbert Crockett & Tyler Bledsoe.

But the board that everyone is talking about, is the the Quasi America Deck. These boards have the American flag with a handgun across it with the words "I survived school today" across them. People are losing their minds all over the internet on these boards. People either love em or absolutely hate them. We posted on a few of our social media accounts and they definitely caused quite a stir. But if you visit the Quasi instagram you're sure to see thousands of angry American gun owners furious in the comments sections. These boards are cool because as you can see on the sticker, a portion of the proceeds goes to charities striving to end gun violence in schools. 50% of the profits from these boards will go to the "March For Our Lives" charity. This is a non-profit formed by students rallying after the tragic shooting in Parkland at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 17 people.


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