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Real Skateboards Ishod Wair twin tail decks cat scratch panther

Real Skateboards Ishod Wair Twin Tail Decks

Real Skateboards Ishod Wair Twin Tail Decks (8.0/8.25/8.5)

These boards came out last spring and we sold out of them in 24 hours, then have had a few more trickles throughout the summer, but we just got a huge shipment in! 
These boards feature the famous Real R-1 construction and shape with a twin nose and tail, meaning this board is fully symetrical, just like the graphics. You can ride it either way, never worry about which way your board goes again.
Scroll to the bottom to see Ishod Wair talking about why he designed the Real Twin Tail.

real skateboards Ishod Wair twin tail cat scratch decks online

As usual the 8.38 version is a Slick and the 8.0/8.25/8.5/8.75 are regular graphics. This graphic is bringing back the first and most popular twin tail graphic, the black panther in a perfect symmetrical graphic with a glitter additive that makes them look super good. 
Here's a clip of Ishod Wair talking about why he rides a twin tail skateboard deck.

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