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Riley Sykes

Riley Sykes

Name: Riley Shane Sykes

Age: 25

Current set up: Real 8.38 Deck, Independent 149 Standard Trucks, Bones 53mm Wheels, Bronson Speed Co Bearings, Mob Grip.

Sponsors: Shredz, Vans, Mt Dew Code Red

Most Embarrassing Moment: Crapped my overalls at work once on the way to the port o potty and tossed my ballooned up dirt shorts down the tube.

Favorite Pro Growing Up: Geoff Rowley

First Video Growing Up: Dying To Live

Favorite Video Of All Time: Really Sorry

Most Trouble You Got Into Growing Up: Running on train tracks down by my parents house in Cochrane

Last Song You Listened To: The Kraken - Duel

Last Movie Watched: Sausage Party (no bueno)

Dream Non-Skate Sponsor: Old Milwaukee

Dream Vacation: Skating across Japan with the homies.

What Would You Eat For Your Last Supper: Shepherds Pie, Sashimi platter, Guinness pint and cyanide.

Worst Purchase: Size X-Small t-shirt and a hat online for way too much money.

Riley Sykes Calgary Skateboarding

Riley Sykes Frontside 180 [ o ] by Liam Glass

If You Had To Punch One Person In The World In The Face: Every player who plays for Montreal Canadiens.

Life Swap For A Day: Gonna have to say the Juiceman himself Juicy J, that would most definitely be a fun day!

Time You Thought You Were Going To Die: Ran down the side of a mountain and got way too much speed. Thought i was gonna go head over heels into sharp rocks and boulders near the bottom.

Website You Check Everyday: Thrasher 


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