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Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Our Shredz Secret Santa Program Is Back

Christmas is a hard time of year for lots of families, our Secret Santa program is a way for us to anonymously give back to people in our community. During the holidays we've been giving away some skateboards and shoes to families who are struggling to make ends meet. We want to make sure Santa stops at every house this year, even ones where food and shelter is a priority over gifts.

If you know a family in need or are a family in need, please reach out to us with an email to
ATTN: Secret Santa
Please attach a little information on the family in need and why you are nominating them, this is just a way for us make sure they are going to the right people :)

Please Note: This is NOT a chance to get a free skateboard because you want one. Like with all things, we have a limited budget on this stuff and we want it go to people in need. Please don't reach out saying you need a new board cause you snapped your other one.

Why Skateboards?: Skateboards are one of our most popular gifts at Christmas time, they are also an amazing gift you can give that doesn't take any additional costs. Once you have a skateboard any kid can go out and skateboard for free, without joining an expensive league or needing parents who work multiple jobs to drop them off at a practice at specific times. 

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