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Shredz Hoodies 22'

Shredz Hoodies 22'

Shredz Shop Hoodies
We've been getting loads of calls from people looking for Shredz gear lately, and we haven't made hoodies for a while with the pandemic and apparel shortages. We're excited to launch a rad little collection of limited colorways for this summer. 
We just dropped black, navy, burgundy, pastel yellow, and powder pink! 

We also just put FREE SHIPPING on our website for these hoodies this weekend only, everywhere in North America.

Shredz Shop Hoodie navy blue silver

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shredz shop hoodie yellow slate blue

shredz hoodie forrest green shredz hoodies pink shredz shop skateboards hoodie yellow

shredz shop hoodie forrest green

shredz shop hoodies online canada

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