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Shredz Welcomes Cortina Bearings

Shredz Welcomes Cortina Bearings

We are so excited to welcome Cortina Bearing Company to Shredz! We will be one of the exclusive shops selling Cortina in Canada! These are super premium bearings designed by some of our favorite pros! Starting with Kyle Walker, Elijah Berle & Kyle Walker pro model bearings!

"Our Signature Series bearings are built with premium materials and engineered to withstand daily, heavy use. 

Each pro-model set is a stand-out color way that includes:

- High performance skateboard bearings

- Matching axl nuts & washers

- Interchangeable shields

- Shield popper for easy customization

- Stickers

Engineered for performance, designed for luxury."

-Cortina Bearing Company

Shop Cortina Bearings Here

Cortina Elijah Berle pro model bearings supremeCortina Kyle Walker Signature Bearings SupremeNakel Smith Pro Model skateboard bearings Cortina

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