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Skateshop Day 2024

Skateshop Day 2024

Skateshop Day 2024 (Saturday Feb 17th)
We're so excited to announce Saturday February 17th is International skateshop day! We're celebrating along with local shops around the world with some amazing limited edition product drops from our favourite brands. 
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Limited boards will be in store only, and if we have anything left it will go online at 6MST when we close! We also just bought a ton of clearout boards from our favourite brands and are passing the deal along, loads of 20%-60% off decks from Santa Cruz, Fucking Awesome, Toy Machine, Girl, Creature, Zero, and more.

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Limited Edition Ishod Wair & Jimmy Wilkins Real Skateboards

We have the always popular Skateshop Day decks, plus a very limited edition guest board for Jerry Hsu with There skateboards, ultra rare Ishod Wair & Jimmy Wilkins Real skateboards, a secret new pro model on Grumble Stix, and a ultra limited (only 640 worldwide) Mark Gonzales blind bag deck from Krooked! 👀

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