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Spitfire Wheels 93D Soft Sliders: Everything you need to know

Spitfire Wheels 93D Soft Sliders: Everything you need to know

Everything You Need To Know About Spitfire 93D Soft Sliders Wheels 
We're excited to be one of the select shops in Canada selling the new Spitfire 93 Durometer "Soft Sliders" wheels. Today we're going to take a look at everything you need to know about these wheels, and why people are calling them the ultimate ride everything wheels!
Release Date: April 1st, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Spitfire Soft Sliders 93D Wheels
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Spitfire Formula Four 93D Soft Slider Wheels Andrew Reynolds Radials Online Canada Durometer Soft Slide
What's Different About Spitfire Soft Sliders 93D Wheels?
The Spitfire Soft Sliders Wheels are a 93 Durometer meaning they are the softest wheel in the Formula Four wheel collection. Formula Four is designed to be the highest flatspot resistance on the market, and the new 93D are the softest F4 wheels ever made, meaning they are the best wheels for riding rough surfaces. 

Traditionally when riding a hard smooth surface like a skatepark you ride a really hard wheel and when riding a rough surfaces like weathered streets, you ride a soft wheel. The problem with this is the soft wheels are too grippy to do slides with, and limited what you can do with a soft wheel, but not anymore!

The soft durometer combined with the perfect slide, means these wheels will be a very comfortable ride, without limiting what can be done while riding them. Spitfire calls them "the most controlled slide of any soft wheel out".
These are the ultimate ride everywhere wheels!

How long has Spitfire been working of the 93Duro Soft Sliders?
Spitfire has been working on these wheels for almost 5 years now. As soon as the Formula Four wheels hit the market, Spitfire took over the wheel market, being the biggest skateboard wheel brand on earth. And after the success of the Formula Four 99D & 101D, they went back to drawing board to try and design a soft wheel that absorbs vibrations and can ride on rough surfaces, but unlike traditional soft wheels can powerslide or front blunt a ledge.
Spitfire Andrew Reynolds Soft Sliders 93D wheels online canada swirls red white black silver 52mm 53mm 54mm

Andrew Reynolds was heavily involved in the research and development of the Spitfire Soft Slide wheels. Apparently they were sending him samples, he was riding them and taking notes, sending wheels and scribbled notes back, giving feedback on all the different phases of the wheels, what he liked and disliked. Until finally they arrived at a wheel that was like nothing else on the market. 
Spitfire Wheels Radials 93D Soft Sliders Online Canada Flames

What sizes and shapes are available in the Spitfire Soft Slider 93D Wheels?
For the original drop, 2 models will be available: The Spitfire Andrew Reynolds pro model 93D wheels in the classics shape available in 52mm, 53mm,& 54mm. And the Spitfire Radials 93D Wheels available in 54mm,56mm, & 58mm.
See photos below to see all the specs of riding surface & widths of both models.

New shapes and sizes will be arriving in the future, but for the first 3 months, these will be the only styles available. 
Spitfire Wheels Andrew Reynolds Soft Sliders 93D Wheels online canada swirl formula four
Spitfire Soft Sliders 93D Radials Wheels 54mm 56mm 58mm online canada skateboard flames

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