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Spitfire X Neckface Artwork Collection

Spitfire X Neckface Artwork Collection

The most notorious skateboard wheel company teams up with the most mischievous graffiti artist. The Spitfire x Neckface collection featuring a bunch of limited edition Neckface artwork. This collection is very limited and will not be restocked, so get there while you can!


A little bit about Neckface:
Neckface has gain notoriety by his unique and funny graffiti around New York City, Los Angeles and Paris. He's done art for some of the world's biggest skateboard brands from Nike SB and Baker to the cover of Thrasher Magazine. His artwork currently sells for a lot of money and is collected by many big name art collectors. 

neckface thrasher cover neckface graffiti billboard

The Collection:
This collection features 3 pro model Formula Four 99D wheels for Kevin Spanky Long, Rowan Zorilla & Kader Sylla in all different shapes. There is also a 83B cruiser wheel for cruiser boards or riding rough ground. 

Spitfire x Neckface Rowan Zorila Wheels Spitfire x Neckface Kader Sylla Pro Wheels Spitfire x Neckface Spanky Formula Four Wheels


Spitfire x Neckface Charger Wheels Soft 83B

This collection also features some really rad clothing, two t-shirts, a hoodie and coaches jacket. Each piece of clothing features Neckface artwork exclusive to this collection that will never be available again.

Spitfire x Neckface Coaches Jacket

Spitfire x Neckface Hoodie black online canada

There is also a cool little sticker pack and a really wild beach towel!

Neckface Spitfire Beach Towell Spitfire x Neckface Sticker Pack


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