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Stance Winter Socks Are Here

Stance Winter Socks Are Here

We're excited to present the newest line of Stance Snowboarding & Ski socks! The Stance winter socks are always our #1 winter socks. We have them in men's, women's & kids'!


The Stance winter line of socks are all made of the best materials, this means no cotton here! Cotton is a bad fabric for winter materials because if you sweat in it, it will stay wet and make you really cold. The Stance snowboarding socks are all made of different blends of premium materials like Merino wool, performance wool, acrylic blends, and performance poly blends. Each material has unique qualities depending on the style of sock you're looking for. The Stance winter socks also feature targeted compression and anatomical cushioning.  What does that mean? It means these socks are nice and tight fitting where you need them to be and also have extra padding where you want it! You'll notice the toes usually have extra padding to keep them warm and comfortable in a ski or snowboard boot.

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