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Steve Graham

Steve Graham

Steve Graham


Age: 25

Current Setup: Shredz Shop Deck 8.5, Thunder 149 hollow lights, 54mm V2 Bones Stf, Bronson Bearings, Shake Junt Grip

Sponsors: Emerica, Shredz Shop, Remind Insoles

Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling asleep at parties

First Video: Emerica - This Is Skateboarding

Favorite Video Of All Time: Zero - Dying To Live

Most Trouble You Got In Growing Up: One time we decided it would be smart to try and light skateboard ramps on fire. We tried a few things out and it wouldn't stay lit long enough, so we used gasoline and things got a little out of hand. Half the street lit on fire, cops and the fire department showed up, I got grounded for the whole summer.

Last Song You Listened To: Three Six Mafia - Dangerous Posse

Last Movie Watched: The Shallows

Steven Graham Front Blunt Calgary Skateboarding

Steve Graham Front Blunt Pop Over [ o ] - Liam Glass

Dream Vacation: Travel the world with all the homies.

Last Supper: Steak and Lobster.

Most Grom Thing You've Ever Done: Asking pro's as a kid to play skate or if I could have their setup.

Life Swap For A Day: Bryan Herman, Dude's living the dream!

Time You Thought You Were Going To Die: Anytime I get in vehicles.

Website You Visit Everyday: Thrasher

Thank You: Sam Stuart, Liam Glass, Rob Thrope, Emerica, Remind Insoles, and everyone else who's helped me out along the way, Family, and all the homies!




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