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Steve Graham 3 In The Front" Part

Steve Graham 3 In The Front" Part

The Timebomb trading video "Three In The Front" just dropped. The video features a ton of amazing skaters from all accross Canada including Shredz rider Steve Graham. Steve's been putting in work filming for the last couple summers and the bulk of it is featured in this part. Here's his part that he shares with Montreal legend PIF.
Top - Steve Graham 50-50 from his part shot by Liam Glass

Three In The Front is filmed by Tyler Holm and features:
Mikey Ray
Adam Hopkins
Dillon Moore
Steven Grahama
Layne Caplette
Kieran Zimmerman
Mitch Barrette
Mickenzie Keller
Alexis Lacroix
Gabriel Galipeau
Sascha Daley
Mike Schulze
Jon Cos
Frank Lemoy
Sam Lind
Skylar Kehr
Andrew Summersides
Stacy Gabriel
Jason Wilson
Morgan DT
Matt Nimrad Dupuis
Pierre Yves
Jack Perry
and many more of the Timebomb Trading team

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