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Steve Rocco Joins Sidewalk Distribution

Steve Rocco Joins Sidewalk Distribution

Steve Rocco Joins Sidewalk Distribution
In a wild turn of events, the most infamous man in skateboarding just announced he's back in the skateboard industry after decades off. Steve Rocco & Sidewalk distribution announced today that Rocco will be joining Sidewalk distribution to once again "destroy skateboarding".

March 25th, 2024 Sidewalk distribution let out the following press release:
My story is quite well known, so there is no need to bore you with too many details. I started world industries in 1987, and then within a few years of starting some other companies run by skateboarders, we had virtually eliminated vert and freestyle and thus became known as the company that destroyed skateboarding.

After flooding the market with worthless cartoon characters, I sold the company and walked away, believing my mission was accomplished. It has, however, come to my attention that skateboarding is still alive. But barely.

Therefore, I would like to announce that I am joining Sidewalk Distribution to finish off skateboarding once and for all. Then everyone can rest and enjoy their lives once again.


Steve Rocco"

Steve Rocco Joins Sidewalk Skateboard Distribution News

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