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Studio Skateboards Elan Vital

Studio Skateboards Elan Vital

Studio Skateboards dropped their new video today on Thrasher! The video features some of Canada's best skaters with a heavy focus on Montreal and Van dudes. Featuring Russ Milligan, Zander Mitchell, Bryan Wherry, Jai Ball, Andrew McGraw & Joey Larock. I have mad respect for these guys because it takes an insane amount of work to run a local company and even more to put together a video for a local brand. Elan Vital is a perfect length and definitely boiled the footage down into just the best, making it a super fun watch. Also, Zander and Joey have to be two of Canada's best up and coming skaters, mix that with some Canadian legends like McGraw and Milligan makes this one of the best Canadian videos in quite a long time!

Check out Studio Skateboards HERE.
Check the Video out below.

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