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T-Shawn Cope

T-Shawn Cope

T-Shawn Cope

Age: 24

Current Setup: 8.25 Salad board. Thunder hollow lights, Bones 53mm wheels, Bronson Speed Cp Bearings.

Sponsors: Shredz shop, Salad Skateboards, Steve graham.

Favorite Pro Growing Up: Antwuan Dixon

First Video Growing Up: Flip sorry

Favorite Video Of All Time: Baker 3

Most trouble you got into growing up: Never got caught!

Last song you listened to: Goodbye weekend by Mac Demarco.

Last Movie You Watched: Suicide Squad

Dream Non-skate Sponsor: Popeyes

Dream vacation: Shredz month long trip to europe!

Your Last Supper: Popeyes & a bannock taco.

Most Grom Thing You’ve Ever Done: Claiming a whack trick.

Worst Purchase: 10 burgers while drinking and passing out before eating 1.

If You Had To Punch One Person In The Face: Donald Trump, out of principle.

Life Swap For A Day: Will Smith in 96 to be the fresh prince.

Time you thought you were going to die: Every single day.

Website you check everyday: Facebook, Thrasher, Hellaclips

Thank you: Sam stuart at Shredz, Jason huang at Salad skateboards, Steve graham, and of course all my homies that make skateboarding worth even doing!


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