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The Art Of Giving Back

The Art Of Giving Back

The Art Of Giving Back (published March 29,2019)

Ever since you are young, you get told not to boast or talk about yourself. But after talking to some friends the other day about the things we do in our community, they pushed me write this. Most local businesses are really good at supporting their community, but really bad at talking about it. Over the past decade as a small business owner in Cochrane, I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished in our community. We’ve always given a lot back to local organizations and done our best to shop local for everything we need. Along the way we’ve donated a ton of gear to amazing causes and also put in lots of work volunteering to help create a sense of community.


Last year we gave away over $5000 in gear to events in Cochrane and area. Everything from prizing for local sporting events, to secretly helping out Santa Claus at homes that could not make ends meet over the holidays. Below is a list of a few things we donated to over the last year.

Door Prizes For Local Sporting Events & Fundraisers
Fundraisers for Cochrane Schools
Door Prizes For Local Animal Shelter Fundraisers
Gifts To Kids In The Children’s Hospital
Fundraisers For Local Youth Homes & Social Services
Donations To Local Youth Group Events
Prizing For Local Skateboard Contests & Events
Gear For Skateboard Missions Trips From Alberta to China

Volunteering is super rewarding because we get to interact with people who want to learn more about skateboarding. It’s also been a way that we’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people and make new friends in our community.
Here’s some events we’ve volunteered at over the years.

Coaching Skateboard Summer Camps With The Austism & Aspergers Society
Judging & Organizing Skateboard Contests Around Alberta
Doing Demos & Grand Opening Events At Skateparks Across Alberta
Starting & Sitting On Skateboard Associations Throughout Alberta
Skateboard Workshops With Elevate Cochrane
Developing & Coaching Shredz Skate Camps With The Town In Cochrane

This is something that is not exclusive to us, and we know there’s so many amazing local businesses in our area. I strongly encourage you to go out at support those businesses when you get the chance and make a conscious effort to buy stuff locally when the option is available. We look forward to seeing you out and about at different local events.

-The Little Skateshop That Could…

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