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The Top 10 Vans Shoes Of 2023

The Top 10 Vans Shoes Of 2023

The top 10 Vans skate shoes of 2023.
Vans has been the #1 in skateboarding for a long time at this point and their shoes have made some mega changes and leaps forward in the past few years. We took a look at these and made a list of the top shoes for 2023 and have reasons why someone might enjoy these shoes, we feel like there's a little something for everyone on this list. 

Vans Zahba Zion Wright Pro Shoes Online Canada black brown

10- The NEW Vans Zahba shoes: It's been a while since Vans introduced a fully new designed pro skate shoe their line. The all the Vans Zahba will be the first brand new shoe design from Vans since the Lizzie pro shoes dropped over a year ago.

New Vans Zahba pro shoes online canada

The Vans Zahba shoes are going to be an unofficial Zion Wright pro model shoe, and feature a brand new sole to Vans called 'The Impact Waffle'. Which is the heaviest duty impact support Vans has ever made. This features two layers of high rebound impact support, making it a shoe like nothing Vans has ever made before.

Vans Zahba Zion pro shoes brown black insoles

I feel like these shoes will be really popular with people who were not originally big Vans fans, because it steps outside of the box from what Vans traditionally makes. It will be the most supportive shoe in the line and perfect for people who want lots of cushion under their feet and like jumping down big stairs and rails. Built on an all new last, so these will have a fit that is brand new to Vans as well! 

Vans Zahba Zion Wright Pro Shoes Online Canada black brown
9- Vans Skate Old Skools: The Vans old skool are about as iconic as a footwear silhouette as they come. The recognizable Vans side stripe on the iconic suede toe cap really do make these one of the best looking shoes in skateboarding. 

The Vans Skate Old Skools got an updated fit a few years ago, while also adding a huge jump forwards in durability. All the Skate Old Skools will feature DuraCap rubber under the toes in high wear areas, and the famous UltraCush insoles, which are super comfortable and high shock absorbing. Great for skateboarding, or anyone who's on their feet all day.

8- Vans Skate Sk8-Hi Shoes: The Vans Sk8-Hi shoes are again one of the most iconic shoes in skateboarding, and were designed in the 

7- Vans AVE Pro: The Anthony Van Engelen pro shoes were a huge step forwards in technology for Vans skate shoes when they launched, and have been a staple in the line ever since. Extremely lightweight and breathable, but with a lot of cushion and support underfoot. 

6- Vans Kyle Walker Pro Shoes: These have been a top seller for us ever since they dropped and show no signs of losing steam. The Vans waffle cup sole is viewed by many as their most comfortable sole and that they're great for people who want more protection when skating or just a more comfortable shoe in general.

5- Vans Lizzie Pro Shoes: When the Vans Lizzie Armanto pro shoes dropped, they seemed to have a slow start for us, but after skating them they have picked up steam! The world's first unisex pro skate shoe, also the first Vans skate shoe with a eco-friendly story. These are a slightly thinner sole than most Vans, but they have amazing board feel!

4- Skate Slip Ons: The Vans Skate Slip Ons are probably the most iconic Vans shoe of all time. 
3- Crockett High & Crockett High Decon:
2- Vans Saddle Sid Shoes: 
1- Vans Skate Half Cabs & Vans Half Cab 92': The #1 shoe in skateboarding and the longest running pro model shoe of all time.

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