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Tyree Wildman

Tyree Wildman

Tyree Wildman

Age: 21

Current Setup: Magenta Deck (size 8), Thunder Hollow Light trucks  (147's), Four Wheel Co Wheels (52mm), Bones Reds Bearings, ️Diamond hardware.

Sponsors: Shredz Shop, Four Wheel Co.

Favorite pro growing up: Eric Koston, Chris Haslam, Louie Barretta, Jamie Thomas, I honestly don't know I have to many favourites!

First video growing up: Lakai - Fully flared

Favorite video of all time: Girl - Yeah Right

Most trouble you got into growing up: I stole my parents vehicle, and got the cops called on me.

Last song you listened to: Ambition by Wale ft meek mill and Rick Ross

Last movie you watched: New Ground the Bones video

Dream non-skate sponsor: Underarmor Real Tree Camo Apparel or Remington firearms maybe?

Dream Vacation: Hit up Barcelona and China in one trip for a huge skate vacation.

Last Supper: Some Lasagna

Tyree Wildman Ollie

The Most Grom Thing You've Done: Rode a scooter for an entire day.

If you had to punch one person in the world in the face: The person who is going to stop making Dr Pepper.

Life Swap For A Day With One Person: Dan Bilzerian cause it would be deadly!

Last Time You Thought You Were Going To Die: The Beerstorm aftermath hangover.

Website You Check Everyday: Thrasher Magazine and YouTube to watch skate videos!

Thanks: Anita Wildman, Sam Stuart, Marcus Baptiste, and all the skate homies.





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