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Vans Releases "Take It Back" Video

Vans Releases "Take It Back" Video

Vans drops a nice little 3 piece featuring Geoff Rowley, Pedros Barros & Ronnie Sandoval. This video is dedicated to Jake Phelps and after watching it, you better believe that he would be really into it! 

The vid starts off strong with Rowley and it has a really good classic Rowley vibe to it, starting off with an insane slam gives it a bit of Sorry feel. He's followed up with the madman Pedros Barros who is probably the best bowl skater in the world right now and is super fun to watch. Some nods to Cardiel in his part and lots of Jake Phelps clips spliced in throughout. The video ends with a really strong and stylish part Ronnie Sandoval. I've always enjoyed watching him skate, but this video definitely puts him in a different category for me.
Watch the video for yourself below:

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