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Vans Rowan Zorilla Era Pro Shoes

Vans Rowan Zorilla Era Pro Shoes

The Vans Rowan Zorilla Pro colorway just dropped in Canada. A fresh take on the classic era pro shoes designed by Rowan Zorilla in black with blue crocodile print. The Era Pro shoes have the classic styles of the Era shoe but with upgraded materials, thicker toe caps and the ultra cushion insoles (much thicker than a classic Vans insole). This might be some foreshadowing of a pro shoe in his future?! Who knows...

Rowan Zorilla's Propeller Clipsrowan zorilla pro era shoes
Vans Era Pro Shoes blue Crocodile Rowan Zorilla
First looks at the Vans Rowan Zorilla Pro Shoes Black/Blue Croc First Look

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