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Vincent Touzery On EDGLRD

Vincent Touzery On EDGLRD

Vincent Touzery on EDGLRD Skateboards 
After Sean Pablo announced his departure of FA, months of speculation and rumours of more people leaving the Fucking Awesome camp. It was announced in a Monster Children interview that Vincent Touz is off Fucking Awesome, and will be a new addition on EDGLRD.

Sean Pablo Monster Children Interview Vincent Touz off fucking awesome skateboards

Read Sean Pablo's full Monster Children Interview HERE.

This makes sense as to why F.A. hasn't reposted any of his new clips from the Ben Chadourne video "I think one more maybe". 

As for EDGLRD, we're not entirely sure what this company is, but they are making skateboard decks and they are available at a few shops in the US currently. 
Technically it's Harmony Korine's design studio and he's making movies, video games, music videos and I guess skateboards!

Rumour is that EDGLRD skate video is in the works!
See their Instagram account here:

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