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Wes Fleming

Wes Fleming

Above: Backside 50-50. Calgary, Alberta Photo by Jeff Thorburn

Wes Fleming

Age: 26

Current set up:
8.5 Revive Andy Schrock Pro board, enlarged Independent trucks, bones stf 52 mm, reds bearings. 6 pieces of random hardware

Shredz longboard shop and Jims mowing.

Most embarrassing moment:
Every time I open my mouth.

Last song you listened to:
This question actually just means "pick a really cool song", so "Down with the sickness" by Disturbed.

Favorite pro growing up:
That would most definitely have to be a tie between Todd Falcon and Aaron Cairo, a pro skateboarder from the bay area....

First skate video growing up:
Tony Hawks trick tips volume 2. I had asked for a skate video for Christmas, and my Grandfather decided to go a very practical route and get me an Instructional video.... It was a very disappointing Christmas but I appreciated the gesture. This was the only skate video I could watch for a whole year, being 14, living on an isolated goat farm in the middle of nowhere, and having no money to buy my own. I then milked goats for nearly a year straight to receive a $23 allowance from my parents that allowed me to buy my first actual skate video....Dying to Live.

Favorite video of all time:
Probably a tie between the first video I ever watched Dying to live or later on, Toy Machines Good and Evil.

WEs Fleming Crooked Grind Canada Skateboarding Skateshop Online Calgary
Crooked Grind Calgary, Alberta Photo: Liam Glass

Last movie you watched: This also just means pick your favorite movie so....Some documentary on vice or something, cause I don't really like watching movies or TV series.

Wes Fleming 5-0 Grind Vancouver Skateboarding Calgary Skateboard Shop
5-0 Grind Vancouver, BC Photo: Liam Glass

Last supper: Cheese-less grilled cheese with Sam Stuart at Austins Jensen's house. Prepared by master chef....Austin's Mom.

Person You Would Like To Punch In The Face: I'd say Austin Jensen, but he's already the most ill say Liam, since he's riding in a close second....

Dream vacation: Portland, Oregon....

Life swap for a day: Austin Jensen, cause then I could know what its like to be fat and wack.


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