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Who Will Win Thrasher SOTY 2022?!

Who Will Win Thrasher SOTY 2022?!

Today we talk about who is going to win Thrasher Skater Of The Year 2022. We take a look at some of the most productive skaters this year, who's had Thrasher covers, parts on the mag and our general predictions. We take a dive into the years of Louie Lopez, Nyjah Huston, TJ Rogers, T-Funk, Nicole Hause, Tiago Lemos, Chandler Burton, Tyshawn Jones, and many more.
We believe there are 3 front runners, but there are still 2 months left in the year, and lots of video to drop still! 
Who had the best cover of the year? Who do YOU think will win SOTY and why? Comment Below!

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