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World Industries To Re-Issue Rocco III, Colvin Censorship & Velvet Safari Decks

World Industries To Re-Issue Rocco III, Colvin Censorship & Velvet Safari Decks

World Industries Re-Issues 3 Randy Colvin & Steve Rocco Boards
We are excited to announce that we will be receiving a limited amount of Word Industries Old School Re-Issue Decks pressed by Prime Heritage LA. World Industries will be re-issuing 500 of each of these boards along with select accessories. These boards are really cool because they are going to be manufactured in the exact same factory as the originals, meaning they will have the exact same presses, shapes and glues as the original run. They are also going to be hand screened by Screaming Squeegees from the same screens used to put graphics on the original versions of these decks, giving them a really authentic feel.
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First Look At The Boards:

World Industries Steve Rocco III Re-Issue Deck (top image): Steve Rocco has somewhat become one of skateboarding's most illusive figures and is more famous for his unorthodox entrepreneurial antics than his skateboarding. From buying his skate team kids' hookers, to handing out company credits with no rules attached, he's famous for letting people run wild. He really turned the skateboard industry on it's head with his attack marketing in the early 90's. He also is credited with the demise of Powell Peralta, starting with his attack ad "Dear George". He was famous for pushing the most controversial board graphics ever (as seen below) and starting Big Brother, the magazine that would eventually spawn the MTV Jackass series.
Impossible to track down for interviews, if you want to find any info on him, you have to search back through old interviews and magazine articles. Learn more about Rocco in the documentary "The Man Who Souled The World" below.

World Industries Randy Colvin Velvet Safari Re-Issue Deck (middle image): Randy Colvin is an Arizona native that has been a household name in the skate world since his induction to the World Industries team as a young kid. He's also been lucky to have some of the most iconic skateboard graphics ever made with his name on them. The World Industries Velvet Safari graphic has been re-done and ripped off many times over the years, so we're really excited to have a little piece of skateboard history brought back with this series. The original actually had a velvet finish on it (similar to old school posters), showing Rocco again, throwing away the rule book of what is conventional on skateboards at the time. *We are still waiting to find out if the re-issues will be velvet (fingers crossed they will)*.

World Industries Velvet Safari Randy Colvin Re-Issue Decks

World Industries Randy Colvin Censorship Is Weak As Fuck Re-Issue Deck (bottom image): This board was originally released in 1991 and caused quite a stir. On every list of "most offensive" skateboard graphics ever written and called "The mother of all scandalous boards" by Seb Carayol (author "100 Subversive Skateboard Graphics"). These boards were shipped in a black bag with these stickers saying "censorship is weak as fuck" for shops to be able to display them in their stores. This board is iconic because it was the first skateboard ever to show full frontal nudity. Marc McKee drew the board based off a photo in Penthouse magazine, and for years thought that he added the pear necklace as a joke, but later after finding the photo, realized they were on the original as well. This board has been ripped off countless times since it's release by so many different brands.

World Industries Randy Colvin Censorship Is Weak As Fuck Skateboard Deck

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