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Closer Mag Vol.6

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Closer Skateboard Magazine Volume 6
We're so excited for another Closer Magazine to show up! As always, this one is loaded with 108 pages of amazing photos, articles and nostalgia! As always they bring the heat with a Jake Johnson cover shot in Paris by the legend that is Jaime Owens. Owens also shot the back cover of Jason Adams fs rock at Sadlands.

Printed on amazing quality paper, these things are half magazine, half book!

• Jake Johnson
Chrome Ball Interview

• Leo Romero Talks About the Parallel With Being A Musician and a Pro Skater
• Josh Stewart Interview About Static VI and beyond
• Jason Adams Interview About His New Video Project
Clyde Singleton list of most slept-on pros
Dan Watson Airwalk Shoes article
•  And much more...


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