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Super 7 x Powell Peralta Experimental Wave 1A Figures - Lance Mountain (Experimental)

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Super 7 x Powell Peralta Experimental Wave 1A Figures - Lance Mountain (Experimental)
 Very Limited Edition - Limited One Per Customer  

Skate culture meets toy history! In the mid-80s, team riders for iconic skateboard brand Powell-Peralta were issued prototype boards with silk-screened or stickered “Experimental” branding, mostly to ensure a rider wouldn’t appear in any photos with a blank board devoid of company logos. Around this same time, Kenner would prototype their Star Wars figures in unpainted light blue. Super7 has used this double-inspiration to create the new Experimental wave of Powell-Peralta ReAction Figures featuring Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Steve Steadham, and Tommy Guerrero!

A breakout star from the early Powell-Peralta videos, Lance Mountain’s goofy antics and all-terrain skills quickly made him one of the most popular skaters of his generation. Inspired by Lance Mountain’s “Future Primitive” deck graphics, this 3.75” scale articulated Powell-Peralta “Experimental” ReAction Figure is an unpainted light blue and includes a staff and dog accessories. Stand out from the crowd by adding the Experimental wave of Powell-Peralta ReAction Figures to your collection!

Each unpainted light blue figure has a design that reflects the skaters’ signature graphics and is packaged on a black-and-white “Experimental” cardback to complement the prototype aesthetic. These figures may look unfinished, but they’re only the beginning of Super7’s Powell-Peralta ReAction Figure lineup!

The Experimental Wave is now sold out on You may still be able to find the figures at Super7 San Francisco, Super7 San Diego, and premium skate shops around the country (view the list below). You better be quick though, as this release is limited.


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