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Everything You Need To Know About Spitfire Wheels (Updated 2024)

Everything You Need To Know About Spitfire Wheels (Updated 2024)

Spitfire are like the Harley Davidson of skateboard wheels. They're the brand that has an insane following who won't ride anything else, people get their logos tattooed on them, and most pros choose to ride them if they're not in a contract with someone else. But Spitfire Wheels come in a bunch of different styles, sizes and durometers. Here's everything you need to know about Spitfire Wheels.


Spitfire makes 3 different wheels:
-Formula Four (99DU & 101DU)
-Classics (99DU)
-Chargers (80HD)
-Burners (99DU)

Spitfire released their new and improved wheel formula dubbed "Formula Four" a couple years ago. Before they came out I was lucky enough to get a pair to test out. Over the years I've rode every brand and style of wheel possible because I love trying new things and seeing how different brands compare.

Bones was basically owning the wheel market for quite a while, so Formula Four was Spitfire's answer to Bones STF wheels. So far these Formula Fours have been super popular and we've had tons of great feedback from everyone that's ridden them! They come in a bunch of different shapes (see the shape chart below).

101D (usually Red): Harder of the two durometers, these ones are harder so they will be faster in a skatepark than the 99Duro wheels, but are also more slippery than a 99D wheel. They will last longer because of a harder Durometer but not be as smooth in the streets as a 99D. These are still softer on the durometer scale compared to Bones SPF (104 Durometer).

99D (usually Blue): The softer of the two Formula Four Durometers are the 99D wheels. They won't be quite as fast on a skatepark as the Red 101D wheels, but will ride smoother in the streets.  These are still slightly softer than a Bones STF Wheel (103 Durometer). These are the more popular of the two Formula Four wheels and are the closest to a Bones Street Tech Formula Wheel. These are the wheels I rode and I loved them, they are hard and fast, didn't flatspot and still had a decent amount of rebound so they don't feel like plastic.

Both wheel sets come in a bunch of shapes now, see the shape chart below! As of 2019, the Lock Ins are only available in Formula Four wheels. They are also making Pro Model Formula Four wheels now, so make sure you check the Durometer on the packaging when you buy them. Another thing to note is that they come in kind of a creamy color, not the bright white color that most wheels are. For me personally, I don't mind this at all (most wheels change color after a few days of riding them anyways), but some people are bothered by it.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!


The Spitfire classics are the classic wheels everyone knows and loves. They come in at a cheaper price point that Formula Four wheels, so we sell a lot of them. The classics are 99 durometer, making them still on the harder side and perfect for skateparks and street skating. They come in a few different shapes, see the size chart below!

Recently Spitfire added a new price point skateboard wheel called the Spitfire Burners. These come in sizes 51mm-56mm and are a great price point option if Formula Four wheels are not in your budget!

Spitfire Burners Wheels Online Canada

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels All Shapes and Sizes OG Classics Conical Full Lock-Ins Radials online canada



The Spitfire Chargers are a really soft wheel (80HD). They are not meant for a skatepark because they are as soft and gummy as a longboard wheel. These wheels are a perfect cruiser board or for riding around somewhere with super rough surfaces. The chargers come in two shapes Classics & Conicals (see shape chart above).


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