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Independent Trucks Logo Change

Independent Trucks Logo Change

Independent Trucks Changes Their Logo
If you've picked up a pair of Independent Trucks in the last couple weeks, you'll notice a big difference between the Indy's that came out months before. All the New Independent trucks have no cross logos on the baseplates.

This has been a huge topic of conversation over the last couple months. With some people claiming that the Independent trucks logo is offensive because it was loosely based off the iron cross, a symbol that was super popular in the surfing and motorcycle culture in 70's Southern California, but was also used in some nazi memorabilia.

Independent Trucks Logo

Jim Phillips designer of the original logo did say he was inspired by the iron cross with the design, but tweaked it to make it his own, and actually ended up using a photo of the pope to draw inspiration for the final Independent trucks logo.

Independent Trucks Time Magazine Pope Logo Cover

For now, Independent has pulled the cross logo from all their trucks and says a new logo is coming soon. The new Independent trucks logo will be first seen in the next issue of Thrasher Magazine.

Independent has started to phase out the cross logo. The new Independent trucks logo will be the logo featured on the new ads and everything moving forwards. The old logo is still coming out on a few clothing pieces moving forwards but will be phased out. 

Independent Trucks Milton Martinez Dictionary Hill bomb ad new Independent trucks logo

What are your thoughts on the logo controversy? Is it offensive and needs to be changed? Are people taking it out of context/ is it overkill? Let us know in the comments.


  • Nola

    This is total crap, I’m 42 years old and rode Indy trucks growing up and cannot believe that this is even a thing. I have the Indy Cross tattooed on my body and recently found out about this. People need to get over themselves and grow the fuck up!! What is this world actually becoming. A bunch of cry baby little bitches.

  • Phoenix

    It seems like people are constantly on the look out for things to be offended by. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it. People need to realize there’s a difference between being actively harmed by something and being offended by something. When did it become our responsibility to coddle everyone’s preferences? To sneak around and make sure you don’t offend anyone. I’ve skated Indy’s for 30 years and I’ve always loved the logo. I’m bummed that it’s changing.

  • Jack

    I have supported Independent for many years and had many trucks and apparel all sporting the logo. I am very annoyed that they decided not to take a solid stance on their logo and keep the original design. If anything I think they will lose plenty of business not gain any. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it Independent. Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right and being able to express yourself artistically is a privilege that we enjoy in this great country. Now I’m forced to go with Venture.


    White power Nazis use lightning bolts as some of their imagery. What is thunder next? The German cross is completely different than Indies cross and frankly a lot of people just don’t give a shit. It’s a small percentage of people that probably don’t skate that had a problem with it. I just feel it’s not right, but companies gonna do what they’re gonna do.

  • Damon

    Go woke, Go broke.
    I’ll encourage everyone to stay away from Independent , whatever products they put out.
    This boycott will spread rapidly, starting with my four sons, their friends, friends of friends etc..
    Do you hear me?
    Independent is fucked!

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